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The Wild West

Millennials, It’s Our Time to Lead.

September 26, 2011

Welcome the Wild West.

That’s right folks, we live in a time where normalcy is defined as a constant state of flux. Look around – uncertainty and change are commonplace, especially for fast-evolving communications industries like PR and marketing.

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Young Businesswoman

Nail the Essentials for a Successful PR Internship

September 2, 2011

Over the past few weeks, colleagues ranging from hiring managers to interns have posted some incredibly helpful insights and advice as part of our PR Intern Blog Series, (#PRIBS). But before we get too far ahead of ourselves we feel it’s important to take a step back. On the road to rockstar status, there are some essential skills that no PR intern should take for granted, even if they may seem basic.

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Number 4

Top 4 Ways to Make the Most of Your PR Internship

August 25, 2011

A PR internship is a great way to gain real-world experience and put your skills to the test. When starting out in a new internship position, it’s important to consider what your goals are and what you hope to gain out of your experience. Below are four simple but important ways to ensure that you make the most of your PR internship!

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PR Intern Most Useful Takeaways From School

PR Intern Reflections – 3 Most Useful Things I Learned from College

August 19, 2011

It was my first day as a PR intern at Weber Shandwick Seattle and what was I thinking about? All the countless hours spent perfecting essays, practicing presentations and studying the history of public relations. Ok, maybe not…but all the lessons I learned throughout school have helped me in both getting this coveted internship and applying those skills now that I’m here.

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